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I published my first post on Medium back in 2016. I fell for the same focused, uncluttered interface that drew many other writes to the website. I was impressed that there didn’t seem to be any spam or rubbish comments (I might just be tricked by the spam looking good). It was a good trouble-free space to be in.

Then it changed. Medium needed to find a way to make our writing and your reading their business. I guess that’s better than making our attention and behaviour their business, although I suspect that this is the case too. So Medium has put up nag screens reminding us that we need to pay them. Fair enough. But I don’t want my readers to have to pay for my blogging, or click through pop-ups. So I’m moving back to my own little corner of the web.

I put up my first self-made website on the internet in year 2000. Back then I blogged in hand-written HTML, before I got into PHP and fiddled around with early CMSs before adopting Wordpress. I’ve been on LiveJournal and blogger too. When I pushed code for money, mainly building Wordpress sites, I started using Squarespace for my own blog, partly because I wanted to try it out, and partly because I wanted my space to be hassle-free (I was sysadmining enough Wordpress sites as it where).

This post is published on my own blog on knutmelvaer.no, and then, as the last gesture, imported into Medium giving it the proper canonical URL while that still is possible. From here on, if you want to follow my writing, you have to visit the webpage, subscribe to the RSS when I have gotten that fully up and running, follow me on dev.to (where I’ll syndicate my posts), or just pay half-attention to my twitter feed.

There hasn’t been much writing on my own part the last year either. Mostly because I’ve been occupied by figuring out how to be a developer advocate in my new job at sanity.io. But I figured it’s time again. My new blog is made from the JAMstack Sanity.io + Gatsby + Netlify starter. I’ve started tweaking it to make it my own, it feels very much as the exciting early years of my web development adventures.

I have also started implementing microformats2 and webmentions.io, which I’m excited to learn more about. Expect that other nifty features will enter this little web realm of mine too.

See you in cyberspace!

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